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Welcome to Canine Classic Clips website!


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Welcome to Canine Classic Clips website!

Welcome to Canine Classic Clips website.  It's been a long time coming, here it finally is.  To all of our current customers, Thank You, for your patronage through the years. My staff and I look forward to many more years to serve you and of course, take care of your canine family member. As you know Canine Classic Clips has been in Belleville for a long time.
I originally opened this shop location 20 years ago. At first I exclusively worked in the shop and slowly began to add staff members through the years.  For most of you Beth has been your main contact.  Beth has been with me for 12 years. She has literally grown up with Canine Classic Clips.  She began working with me before she graduated high school and has been with me ever since.  Even though I'm not as visible as I use to be, being semi retired, I have very close contact with the shop.  I interface daily with Beth to know who is there to get groomed and check on the most recent  news about our customers. My days to be at the shop are primarily Friday and Saturday.  However, now you can contact via my e-mail at the shop. I would be happy to hear from you about business concerns or just to say hi. Please remember I am still very interested in You and Your Pet and the service you receive My e-mail is
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